Our Services

Automotive Transport

We are partners to the Automotive Industry. The competence Center, Just In Time, Automotive pools the full range of corporate expertise in the area of Logistics for Automotive Industry.
The focus is on providing an intelligent network comprising all means of transport - Rail - Maritime transport and Air freight -as well as integrated solutions for contract logistics and supply chain management.
A unique feature of its service for the Automotive industry is up to our weekly Schedules, that Just In time, Maritime / Rail Automotive operates on weekly basis on behalf of the Automotive manufacturers and distributors and dealers for example Toyota and Hyundai Mitsubishi and Isuzu motors.     

FW Just in Time Sky

Define time air freight product. You set the pace FW Just in Time has the most suitable product.
Our cooperation with first class carriers allows us to offer extensive transport links for your benefit, you enjoy maximum global presence. We can save you time and money.
FW Just in Time Jet Cargo:
Three service levels from Airport of origin to Airport of destination for your individual requirements with no size and weight restrictions and defined transit times.
FW Just in Time Jet cargo | First class: the first class service on first class carriers. Transit 1-2 days.
FW Just in Time Jet cargo | standard: standard services for fast and flexible consignments. Consolidated air freight on first class carriers. Transit time 3-4 days.
FW Just in Time Jet cargo | Economy: the economical alternative for less urgent consignments. Transit time maximum 6 days.
FW Just in Time Jet express: Two service levels for efficient, reliable, flexible, door to door transport and short transit time.


FW Just in Time Ocean

The cost effective solution to meet your ocean freight transport needs. An intelligent concept you can always rely on for your imports and exports.
All over the world, we offer optimum loading facilities for your each individual shipment with the emphasis on reliability and flexibility, our multi-model transport solutions come complete with integrated pre-carriage and post carriage services guaranteeing short transit time and IT supported shipment tracking, along the entire transport chain on door to door.

FW Just in Time Complete: the services for full container shipments enabling time saves and cost reducing (FCL/FCL and LCL/LCl).
The advantage of this service:
  • Efficiency management of available ship load capacity.
  • Best time to time cost ratio.
  • Competitive price.
  • Flexible scheduling.

  • FW Just in Time combine: the service for individual shipment combined in one container at our gateways (LCL/LCL).
    The advantage of this service:
  • Billing based on the actual size and weight of your consignment.
  • Fixed arrival and departure time.
  • Reliable scheduling.

  • FW Just in Time skybridge: an ocean air combined transport system allowing you to cut remarkably cut costs.

    Facing to Challenge

    Are you facing tough challenges, Get simple solutions?
    We always come up with the right answers, whether customer needs logistics solutions, with all the services we offer customer knows they will find a standalone package to fill theoir own individually designed solutions at FW Just in Time.
    The wealth of experience we have gain over coupled with latest technology, specially trained staff and expert partners. We focus on three quality goals:

  • Consignments have to be delivered within the agreed lead time.
  • Consignments have to be delivered in a good order.
  • The invoice has to be sent in time and has to with agreed rate and services.

  • FW Just in Time is the ideal solution for the following industrial sectors.

  • Clay and Tiles (Building Materials).
  • White and Brown goods (Consumer Electronics).
  • Furniture.
  • Wood/Papers.
  • Special transport (e.g Agriculture & Construction Equipments).

  • FW Just in Time Logistics

    For example, we can also organise the complete range of Logistics services related to our customer production sites from supply chain management to our customers or sequenced components delivery on the production line to assembly work or spare parts supply.
    The logistics services we specialize in also include warehouse packaging, order picking, customs communication tracking, customs clearance and temporary storage.
    We know our way around and we are specialists in markets with the right solution always in the bag. We never fail to come up with value for money solutions whatever transport r logistics service they require.
    FW Just in Time offers a tailored one stop services, we can do this because our company embraces the full rates of all skills and transport solutions of all modes.
    Our specialty management of integrated transportation services, it means we always have a efficiency solution to hand.

    Relocation Services

    Just in Time Move: this provides an experienced, international team of relocation professionals to make sure your professional or private relocation goes off without a hitch.
    Private Relocations:
    When it comes to moving, you have enough to worry about without thinking about the logistics of getting your belongings from A to B. Our qualifies specialists are expertly trained in handling fragile and valuable objects, and setting up or dismantling compete units. We will spend time with you to understand your relocation needs and will give you comprehensive advice and a detailed quote at no charge.

  • Qualified and individual consultancy.
  • Detailed quote at no charge.
  • Trained packing professionals.
  • Extensive range of equipment.
  • Our own fleet of vehicles.
  • Environmentally-friendly packing material
  • Air-suspension removal vehicles
  • Exterior elevators
  • Arrangement of customs clearance
  • Moves within Germany, Europe and overseas
  • Professional Packing
  • Storage
  • Ready-to-use reassembly

  • Corporate Relocations
    When you relocate your company, you deserve a dependable partner that can get the job done efficiently and thoroughly. Our removal specialists are trained to handle the entire planning, organization and execution of your corporate move. We will relocate every aspect of your business from the files in the boss office to the warehouse and manufacturing line.
    To start process we will spend time assessing your current situation and future location. Then we will give you a comprehensive offer of what you can expect from our team.
    Here are the services that we provide:

  • An overall plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • Proficient transportation.
  • Dismantling and re-assembly.
  • Individual packing.
  • Storage
  • Comprehensive equipment.

  • Benefits:

  • Exact budget planning with our precisely defined prices.
  • Clear working processes for staff.
  • A tightly organized schedule synchronized to your business day.
  • Minimal disruption of your administration and production.